Policies and Procedures

La Hacienda’s Policies and Procedures have moved to a new management system called PolicyTech.  PolicyTech will manage our policy revision process as well as manage policies required to be reviewed by staff.

There is a transition period, and unfortunately, we are unable to mark the existing policies have been reviewed by staff in PolicyTech. 

Every staff member will have to review all of La Hacienda’s Policies and Procedures that apply to them.  PolicyTech will send email notifications when there are policies for you to review. You will have a grace period of 90 days to review all of the policies in your “My Tasks” list before the email reminders activate.

Here are some instructions to help guide you through PolicyTech:

PolicyTech can be accessed from our intranet or directly at https://lahacienda.policytech.com.

When you access PolicyTech, it will recognize your credentials and give you specific access to our Policies and Procedures.   Two sections are important for staff, “Browse” and “My Tasks.”

The default screen is the Documents -> Browse screen.  On this screen, you can view all of our existing Policies and Procedures.

The “My Tasks” section will help guide you through any existing tasks required by PolicyTech.  My Tasks is the section you will use to manage what Policies and Procedures apply to you and require your attention.  The Read/Complete group lists all policies that you are required to read.

To read and mark a policy as read, click on the name/link for the policy.  The policy will open as a PDF for reading.  Once you have reviewed and understand the policy, click on the blue “Mark as Read” link at the top of the policy.

Confirm on the next screen.  Once you have confirmed, the task for that policy will be removed from your task list.

If you have any questions, or any issues accessing our policies and procedures through PolicyTech, please contact the Help Desk.

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