OQ Tablet Administration

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Step 1:
If the tablet in sleep mode, press the home button to wake up the device.
Step 2:
Swipe across the screen to unlock the tablet.

Step 3:
On the home screen tap on the “OQ Analyst” shortcut.
Step 4:
On the OQ Analyst homepage, enter the patient’s MR# and DOB and press “Logon.”  The “-” and the “/” can be accessed on the keyboard by pressing the “Sym” key on the keyboard.

Step 5:
On the next screen, you can select different instruments to administer.  By default, the OQ-45.2 is selected.  Leave all the options as they are and tap “Begin.”

Step 6:
Hand the tablet to the patient to begin the assessment.  The assessment is 45 questions and takes approximately 5 minutes to complete.  Once the patient is finished answering the questions, they can tap finish.

Step 7:
If the patient did not answer all of the questions they will get an opportunity to “Go Back” and answer them, otherwise they can tap “Finish” on the final screen to return the login screen.  The assessment is now complete.

Please email the Help Desk with any questions or if the instructions are out of date.