T-Shirt for Alumni Reunion

Austin-based Business Development rep Brittany Geer designed the image on the back of this year’s Alumni Reunion t-shirt.

“When I created this piece, I had just emerged from the most difficult point in my sobriety,” says Brittany, our Austin-based Business Development representative. “The woman represents the hope that the employees of La Hacienda poured into me during a pivotal moment in my sobriety journey. Conquering my fear and overcoming my struggle with addiction has brought me closer to my higher power. Today, I know what it means to be happy, joyous, and free and I pray all our patients discover this gift.”

Thank you, Brittany!

Business Development reps celebrate five years on staff

Kim Livesay and Patti Sullivan

Business Development representatives Patti Sullivan and Kim Livesay work as a team representing La Hacienda in Houston and the surrounding area. It’s a responsibility they have done exceptionally well for the past five years.

Kim says that carrying the La Hacienda message to the public while also building partnerships with industry and related professionals is both an honor and a privilege.

The best part of their work, they agree, is participating in Houston-area alumni meetings with front-row seats witnessing patients continue their recovery journeys. “We are honored to be a light on the path of recovery to those seeking a better life!” says Patti. “There is nothing better than hearing about the healing and miracles that people experienced while they were at La Hacienda,” adds Kim.

Working with the other La Hacienda professionals is also a big plus. “Kim and I are blessed beyond measure to be a part of La Hacienda’s family,” says Patti.