Scott Mitchell celebrates 20 years at LaHa!

Family Program Director Scott Mitchell, LCDC, has been a part of the La Hacienda team since 2003. While he can’t see himself working anywhere else now, he hesitated to apply for a position here because of the distance from his home in San Antonio where he was a youth minister.

“I didn’t want to drive that far, but people kept telling me to give La Hacienda a try,” says Scott. “Then I saw a person in a La Hacienda reunion t-shirt in my local HEB, and said to myself, ‘What the heck.’”

Scott, who plays the guitar for both fun and work, credits the atmosphere created by management and his co-workers for his devotion to the La Hacienda program.

For Scott, who became sober in 1981 through a combination of his Christian faith and the 12-steps, working at La Hacienda allows him to fulfill a purpose in life in a spiritual environment. “We can talk openly about faith, and we can disagree with one another, but in the end, we’re on the same team helping people.”